DOM – DESIGN is a highly professional firm working in the field of property valuation since 1995. The valuations we make are impartial and obtained by using market methods according to international standards and all that in accordance with the standards and market conditions in R.Macedonia.
This is way our valuations are well recognized and often used by many banks, notary public, public executors and other institutions we cooperate with on regular basis
> The only expert assessment with an international certificate for assessment of real estate.(July 1998)

> Licensing Agency of of R. Macedonia for transformation of social capital(October 1998)

> Judicial authority to assess property(November 1995)

> Transcripts for assessor from an area of real estate(May 2012)

> License to perform appraisal activities in the REAL ESTATE area (November 2012)

> License to perform appraisal activities in the VEHICLES area (May 2014)

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