Real estate brokerage

We work with all types of real estate: land, residential and commercial buildings, construction plots, focused on the territory of Skopje, but not limited. We offer:

  • professional rental services for both sides of the deal Landlord and the Tennant
  • real estate management - lease management (regular payment of rents and utilities, maintenance and repair of damages, regular reports on the condition of the property);
  • professional sales services for both side of the deal Seller and Buyer, (full check on the titles and other documents necessary for the transaction, assistance in completing the transfer documents, for the Seller); (assistance in the transfer of the ownership for the, assistance in obtaining the loan and securing the mortgage documents for the Buyer);
  • real estate consulting, advices on investments in real estate etc.

Appraisal and expertise

Dom Dizjan has been working in the field of appraisal since 1995. We make the appraisals objectively, using internationally recognized methods with market access, and in accordance with the Macedonian regulations. Our appreisals are recognized and well received in many Banks, Courts, Public Executors and other institutions.

According to the Law on Assessment from 2010 we hold:

  • License to perform real estate appraisals from 2012
  • License to preform appraisal of transport assets from 2014

            for which licenses we regularly attend continuous upgrade training and have professional certification

According to the older laws, the work in this area was performed on the basis of:

  • License from the Agency of the Republic of Macedonia for transformation of the social capital from 1998, obtained on the basis of the Internationally recognized training certificate from the Royal Agricultural College of Cyrensetter, Great Britain
  • Court authorization for Real Estate Appraisal from 1998

Based on many years of practice and professional work in construction and architecture, Dom Dizjan through the licenses of its founders and associates prepares expertise in the field of architecture and construction, which relate to disputes over:

  • division on buildings
  • poor quality of performed construction works
  • uncompleted construction works
  • unfulfilled payment for construction works
  • damage to buildings caused by weather conditions or negligence and similar disputes

Design, supervision and engineering


We prepare complete project documentation from idea to obtaining a building permit. We offer complete design services for all types of buildings. Our projects are maximally adapted to the requirements of the investor and offer excellent functionality and comfort, at the same time with high aesthetics and application of modern solutions in construction.


We supervise the construction of buildings. Supervision is performed by high quality professionals with maximum commitment to monitoring the dynamics of the construction, quality control of the performed works and control of the construction books. When investing in construction to protect your investment, the most important element is to choose quality supervision that will consistently and professionally protect your interests.

Engineering (From Your Idea To Finished Realization)

Site Selection - Large selection of construction sites. Finding a location according to your needs on the principle, BEST INVESTED FUNDS.

Documentation - Full support in the process of providing clean ownership documentation.

Design - Preparation of complete design, construction documentation following the latest trends in architecture, until obtaining a Building Permit

Preparation for construction - Tender announcement. Analysis of the received bids. Selection of the best offer and recommendation to the investor.

Construction - Organization of construction Monitoring and updating the dynamics of construction. Saving funds.

Supervision - Supervision of the construction and preparation of the Final Supervision Report

Post period - Preparation of a project of final form of the building, administration of construction documents until obtaining a Property List.


From our works in Design, supervision and engineering, as more interesting realizations we single out:


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